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We want to grow - Do you?

GetIT Nordic is in an expansive phase and we are looking for dedicated collegues in a number of areas. We are searching for people who has a solid background in respectively area and who wants to influence their own daily life.


We are passionate about making the daily tasks work together with the private life back home. Our belief is that these must be in harmony to be able to put "all in" when it comes to the challenges we meet every day. We therefore put great value in having fun together why we are investing aggressively in various activities (also with our beloved ones) that build us as a strong team. Our top priority is to make all our collegues to feel well rather than to earn some extra dollars on the bottom line.


We are pure senior consultants with at least +10 years of experiece in our fields. We love to dig deep into problems to help our customers solve the issues and gain true value of our services. We invest seriously in our collegues regarding their own education to keep up our service level and be able to continue to win intreresting projects/assignments in the future. We are because of those matters growing both within excisting customers and of course with new interesting customers. 


We are passionate about the tasks and loves to give everything in a client/supplier relationship. We always give that little extra in every situation that makes us "stand out" from the rest. We know that our customers are able to "sleep tight" during the nights when we are on the watch.

Do you have good skills in our areas and want to change your life for the better?
Then chances are high that you will fit right in with us at GetIT Nordic.

Open positions

Job description

The Kanban Master role is to coordinate a complex system test environment including test equipment etc. Initially a number of test equipment has to be relocated. The assignment is to lead and coordinate the Kanban Team but it also includes communicating with stakeholder, reporting, prioritization etc.

Required competence

- Long experience as a Kanban Master and/or Scrum Master, Team Leader, Project Manager.

- Technical experience from telecom and telecom equipment such as Radio and Baseband.

- Experience from Linux environment and understanding of IP network.

- Experience from integration, lab and test tools, test environment, configuration etc.

- Good planning and coordination capability.

- Ability to see the big picture.

- Self-driven and set clear priorities, pragmatic and solution oriented person.

- Proven communication and coordination skills.

- Fluent in English.

- Good understanding of telecom architecture.

Wanted competence

- Experience from I&V and troubleshooting.

- M.Sc. or B.Sc.


Contact person Alfred Ström
  • Alfred Ström
  • +46760484005

To our customer in Oslo we are looking for a person with good knowledge of the Oracle plattorm.

You must be fluent in Swedish/Norweigan.

To be able to handle this assignment you should have good knowledge of:


- Tuning

- Tablespace


- Linux (Red Hat)

- Oracle DB knowledge

The assignment will start asap and will go on for at least 6-12 months.


Contact person Alfred Ström
  • Alfred Ström
  • +46760484005

We are currently looking for several project managers & program managers that can with a steadfast hand help our customers steer their IT-projects in the right direction.

We are a consulting company that helps our customers with advisory and delivery of projects to increase effectivity within their organizations, and as a result create possibility for better IT related investments than historically has been done. 

Working for GetIT Nordic means to walk the extra mi...kilometer in the work towards our customers, it is this extra effort that makes the a difference that matter so much. All our employees are very skilled consultants, with both great knowledge and dedication for our customers business.  

The fact that all our colleagues at GetIT Nordic continuously creates value for our customers, creates opportunity for us as a company to take care of all our colleagues in an excellent manner. We value the interaction between humans, and the fact that all individuals, and their respective families should thrive not only professionally but also on a personal level.

Our team now needs to grow and we are looking for more colleagues with the same values, are you one of them?

Contact person Alfred Ström
  • Alfred Ström
  • +46760484005

Vi söker nu IT og Virksomhetsarkitekter för uppdrag både i Norge och Sverige.

GetIT Nordic bistår sina kunder med rådgivning och leverans av projekt för att effektivitisera och skapa möjligheter att investera på ett mer effektivt sätt än vad historiskt gjorts. Att arbeta på GetIT Nordic innebär att göra den lilla skillnaden för kunden som betyder så mycket. Våra anställa är alla mycket skickliga konsulter med stor kunskap och engagemang för kundens verksamhet.

Eftersom alla våra kollegor inom GetIT Nordic skapar mervärden för våra kunder, skapar det möjligheter för oss som företag att på riktigt ta hand om våra kollegor. Vi sätter mycket stort värde på den personliga kontakten, och att alla individer, inklusive deras famlijer skall må bra inte bara i sin arbetsroll, utan även på den privata fronten. 

Teamet behöver bli större, våra kunder frågar efter fler personer som passar in i våran mall, är du en av dem?


Mastergrad eller tilsvarende

Bachelorgrad eller tilsvarende

Tekniske sertifiseringer

5-10 års relevant arbeidserfaring

TOGAF serifisering eller tilsvarende

Relevant erfaring kan kompensere for manglende formell utdanning



Utadvendt og positiv, gode kommunikasjonsevner, ansvarsfull og pliktoppfyllende.

Evne til å se, forstå og kommunisere helhetsbildet.

Tenke ut av boksen, være kreativ





God teknologiforståelse, teknisk erfaring

·        Virtualisering

·        Nettverk

·        Lagring

·        Utvikling og programmering

·        Automatisering

·        Integrasjoner

·        Web utvikling

·        Sikkerhet


Public Cloud:

Office 365

Windows Azure

Amazon AWS



Private cloud:



Cloud management plattformer/løsninger





Team ledelse


Forretningskunnskap og forståelse







Contact person Alfred Ström
  • Alfred Ström
  • +46760484005
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